Thursday, August 04, 2016

FINALLY! Some common sense works its way into Kansas primary election as some Brownback supporters hit the bricks! —Good Riddance!

By SJ Otto

Finally after six years of grueling misrule by the far-far-far-far right-wing legislatorsvoters gave many of these creeps the boot. NPR reported today: " Big Swing To Center With 'Senate Surprise' In Kansas GOP Primaries."

After all the cuts to public assistance programs, mean spirited attacks on the recipients of these programs, refusals to expand Medicaid to the working poor, and the destruction of Kansas' education system, the voters have had enough.
We can't get rid of Governor Sam Brownback for another two years. But this is a set back for the far-far-far-far right-wing leaders. It's sending them a message. "Your time of misrule is up!"
And this is just the first round of voting. We still have the November elections and that gives us the opportunity to get rid of more of these creeps by voting in some Democrats. This may be a turning point in Kansas politics. Kansas has been a solidly red state since the turn of the 19th/20th century. But recently Kansas Republicans have been winning, but with far fewer votes than in the past. In some cases Republicans barely won re-election in the last election cycle.
Brownback and his minions steamrolled into office over the last six years, pushing away moderate Republicans as well as Democrats. They have made a laughing stock out of this state. Their absurd ideas have flourished while the states credit rating, job losses and general reputation have sunk to a new low. These latest election results indicate that people have had enough of the right-wing silliness.
Here is the NPR article that explains the election results in greater details:

"Going into Tuesday’s primaries, most political watchers believed conservatives would lose a few seats in the Kansas House but hold their own in the state Senate.
But by the end of the night, conservative Republicans across the state took a shellacking."

For the rest click here.

Let's flush our right-wing problems down the drain!

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