Saturday, May 28, 2016

Let's vote Republican if we can oust the Tea Baggers

By SJ Otto
I have just re-registered Republican. This way I can vote in the Republican primary this summer and try to oust as many of Brownback's despicable minions as possible. So if you are not glued to the Democrats, file as a Republican and lets trash out the Tea Baggers.
If you care to join me it is necessary to register by June 1. That gives potential voters Monday and Tuesday to make the switch.
I know there are a lot of voters who read this that are die-hard Democrats. But some of us realize that label holds us back. If the voters of Kansas are that stuck in their ways that they absolutely won't vote for a Democrat then some of us need to run as Republicans. The important thing is to get the Tea Baggers out of office. We need to do that anyway we can. That means if we need to steal their party emblem then let's do it.

I plan to post as much as I can about the contested primary elections so we can try and vote in moderate Republicans.

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