Tuesday, March 22, 2016

On Terrorist Attacks in Brussels, Paris, San Bernardino, Madrid: US and NATO Imperialism Are Part of the Problem

 By SJ Otto
While it is wrong to kill innocent civilians NATO and the countries in it are just as guilty. Why is Europe so deeply involved in someone else's war in the middle-east? They are obviously worried about Western powers having access to the oil fields. They harp about the human rights abuses in ISIS (The Islamic State) controlled territory and they ignore all the other abuses, especially by Turkey and Saudi Arabia.
The war has nothing to do with human rights. And terrorism is just the tactics of a military power that does not have its own drones to launch at individuals it wants to assassinate. The fact that they chose the capital of the NATO alliance demonstrates that their targets are carefully chosen. How ever, the use of uninvolved civilians for such attacks is not justified for any reason.
While I don't believe in supporting ISIS, I do not consider this OUR war. It is a conflict with the imperialist powers and we, common citizens as our selves have nothing to gain by supporting it. We would not be targets of this group if we were not so involved in fighting these wars. There is also the fact that such miserable governments as those in Turkey and Saudi Arabia are not popular enough to be able to depend on the support of their own people. Only the Kurds have been able to beat back ISIS on their own because they are the only government in the area that has popular support of its own people.

Also see Isis in Iraq: "Young Kurds flock to PKK to take up arms against militants after becoming disillusioned with their government" - Independent

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