Saturday, March 05, 2016

Kansas goes to caucus- you can feel the excitement

By SJ Otto
The excitement is in the air as Kansans go to caucus. On the far-far-far right is Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and Donald Trump. On the left of center is Hilary Clinton and Bernie Sanders on the US Democratic Socialist left.
My support today will go to Bernie. But I'm beginning to realize I should have stayed a Republican until today. I could go down and vote for Trump. That is because, even though I never liked him, he is monkey wrenching the Republican Primary. I love what he is doing. He is taking all the steam out of the professional far-far-far right politicians of the Republican Party. They are polished greedy little trolls waiting to plunder our country.
Since I could have registered at the Democratic Caucus, I could just register after I caucused for the Republicans and supported Trump. Then I could caucus for the Democrats and vote for Bernie.

I see this Bernie vote as more symbolic than anything. I originally thought he had no chance of winning. And he probably doesn't. But he shows that a socialist can run for office and run successfully. That is my message as I vote for him today. If he loses, I will probably vote for Hilary next fall. After all I do have to live in this country. And if Cruz or Rubio win it will be a matter of letting the ass holes have everything they want, crushing the rights of the poor and the left, while giving everything to the far-far-far right and the business community. If Trump wins, he will be a disaster, but it might be fun to watch him screw everything up.

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