Thursday, February 04, 2016

The bigot Trump catches the slippery weasel Cruz cheating

By SJ Otto
Donald Trump has accused second runner up Ted Cruz of cheating in the caucus. I don't doubt that a bit. Surely Trump realizes a slimy weasel as Cruz has the usual bag of dirty tricks that all professional Republicans have and use. Cruz is a Tea Party Republican.
The real question is "why would ANY working person support politicians as Cruz or Trump?" Or why would anyone who isn't independently wealthy vote for Cruz. The man is a greasy slime ball who wants to make life really hard for working people and women. He wants to kill off poor people who need medical coverage. Without such coverage medical care is unaffordable and many working poor people will die. And if Trump or Cruz are elected even more will die do them getting rid of the ACA (Affordable Health Care Act or Obama Care). They also want to make them miserable and homeless buy by cutting their social programs. They also want to keep the working poor, who can’t get any health care, poor by opposing minimum wage increases. They want to keep destroying unions.
Both these ass holes want to kill such programs as Planned Parenthood, which is needed health care by poor women. Cruz's Tea Party backers expect him to try and KILL the right to legal abortions. And the Republicans- all of them- don't care at all that they will produce dead poor people.
They want to destroy all the programs that push employers to give health care benefits- or any benefits for holding a job. They want businesses to have ALL the power to rule over working poor or any other employees. It is if these men- and all those in the Tea Party- want to reduce workers to nothing more than oxen working for almost nothing. The plan is to get employees worked to death, and then thrown out in the street, to make way for a newer younger oxen.  
The Republicans, especially the Tea Party Republicans, are not much different than fascists or Nazis. They have bags of dirty tricks to cheat in elections. In such states as Kansas they try to entrench themselves in any way they can so a Democrat can’t just undo their dirty work. For the common working man as myself there is nothing but degradation and the constant destruction of working people's rights. It is like seeing chickens voting in a fox to run the hen house.
Both Trump and Cruz are disgusting and despicable slime- greasy pigs that only a moron would want to vote for unless they are wealthy or run a business.
The idiots in the news media follow these creeps around as if they are just a class of respectable leadership potentials. What we have in America today is a con game. Shills pretending to deliver to us unbiased reporting. A fish dealer offering us a supply of really old, really stale smelly dead fish...
And I ain't buying none of it.

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