Friday, January 08, 2016

Representative Bradford under attack for tasteless-racist cartoon

 I received the following letter from Melody McCray-Miller
-SJ Otto

Dear Friend,

We need you to take action.

Representative John Bradford, R-Lansing, posted a derogatory picture on Facebook that depicted a mustachioed man in a sombrero and a deformed image of President Obama. The image is accompanied with a message that mocks a stereotypical Mexican accent. 

I am appalled and offended by the disrespect that Representative Bradford has shown not only to the President, but also to the African American and Hispanic community.

This type of ignorance makes me question whether Representative Bradford truly has the best interest of all Kansans. 
Kansans should not have to tolerate this type of bigoted mentality from anyone, especially an elected official.

That is why we started a petition to REMOVE John Bradford from office. Click the button below to stand up to Bradford and call for his resignation. Click Here.


Melody McCray-Miller
Kansas Democratic Party


Rep. John Bradford's post to Facebook evokes criticism

State education board member says comment by House Republican reflects 'racism'

Posted: January 7, 2016 - 12:51pm
A Topeka member of the Kansas Board of Education expressed disappointment Thursday with the social media post by a Republican state representative disparaging Hispanics and President Barack Obama.
Board member Carolyn Campbell, a Democrat, said the commentary on Facebook by Rep. John Bradford, R-Lansing, reflected “mistreatment and racism” that she was regularly subjected to in the 1950s. She said Bradford’s post indicated Kansas fell short of a vision outlined by The Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.
“Representative Bradford’s actions make it very clear that we are far from reaching Dr. King’s dream of equality,” said Campbell, who is African-American. “I’m saddened and appalled that this is an individual who is making decisions that impact our children’s education system.”
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