Sunday, December 13, 2015

More badly needed federal funds sent back to Washington by our idiot governor Brownback

By SJ Otto

The Wichita Eagle has, once again, revealed that Kansas Governor Sam Brownback has now sent back grant money, $15 million, for a federally funded disabled employment program. The money was returned in August. Brownback snuck it back so no one could complain about it.
We can easily tell Brownback hates all federal money. He has sent back a lot of it. I can't help wondering how I would have felt if I came home one day, during my college years, and my parents told me the grant money I needed to go to the college of my choice had just been sent back. Reason? They just didn't believe in the federal government. So spending extra years trying to work my way through school would have been a noble gesture so that my family could prove their contempt for the federal government.
Of course I would have been furious if this had actually happened. That anger by the public for such disregard for the needs of Kansans is what is sorely needed in this state now. We have a governor who can't manage money enough to avoid a state deficit and this bone-head sends back federal grants. Some of the grants he has sent back include federal money for expanding Kansas Medicaid through Obamacare (Affordable Care Act).
In order to prove his conservative credentials he is willing to make other Kansans suffer. This doesn't seem to bother him at all. There is an effort to recall Sedgwick County Commissioner Richard Ranzau for sending badly needed federal funding back. His motivation is strictly to punish the children of illegal aliens, along with legal aliens. His hatred for Hispanics is so strong he is willing to cost the taxpayer money in order to carry out his bigotry.
The amazing thing is that these politicians don't actually save the tax payer any money. They actually cost us money because we have already paid into the federal grants.
Maybe we should expand the recall election to getting rid of Brownback. I have recently seen some letters and comments to The Wichita Eagle Opinion Line (AKA; the Idiot Line);

"Richard Ranzau for president in 2016." Dec. 11

"Like it or not, County Commissioners Jim Howell, Richard Ranzau and Karl Peterjohn are doing what the voters elected them to do – cut spending." Dec. 13

 It is obvious that the hateful bigots, that these commentators complimented, have some support in Kansas, but what we really want to see is if such bigots can vote in large enough numbers to defend these scoundrel's terms in office.

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