Monday, December 28, 2015

Hahahahaha! Scott Walker Has Some More Problems

From the Daily Kos;
As bad as it is to make the GQ List of The Worst People of 2015 with a listing of #13 (i.e. considered worse than Roger Goodell of the NFL, The Confederate Flag, Roger Ailes, Rahm Emanuel, 2 celebrity wife beaters, and pharmaceutical price gouger Martin Shkreli), more bad news is creeping towards Scott Walker.
Despite massive spending by dark money groups, multiple lawsuits at every level in the land (even suing the individual prosecutors and the Government Accountability Board), a corrupt State Supreme Court decision by Justices who were elected to their seats by the same dark money groups being investigated, and media poodles pounding out Walker propaganda, John Doe just won’t die from the plethora of fatal wounds heaped upon it. They keep killing it in every way possible, but it’s still slightly alive.
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