Friday, November 27, 2015


By John L. Otto

   A word we seldom heard much anymore. Peace has become a forbidden word in politics. Imagine if a politician championed peace in the Middle East such actions would run the risk of one becoming a social pariah. The word peace is primarily termed as ‘The Peace Process’ In political, military and diplomatic arenas but the language of peace is bereft of meaning, implementation and mention…even in religious speak.
   Has it been this way so long that now there is no chance of peace as we are more emboldened to join our enemy in their goal of total annihilation? We have turned the War on Terror into a One-upmanship contest of war atrocities and ‘justifiable’ moral depravity which is the absolute opposite of, and the reason for, Jesus’ message of ‘turn the other cheek’. This is well exemplified in our current situation in that we are living and dying the very results of not heeding those words and we are on a path that has a goal that I fear more than our enemy. I am not saying that an attempt at a peaceful solution would have been successful but not having ever tried is why there is no chance for peace now….And I am saying we should have NEVER gone there and we should GET OUT (maybe leave the war criminals that are responsible tied up & barefoot in the middle of the crISIS spot; not to mention the reason behind all the terror in Palestine  & Israel but I just mentioned it.

What a dishonor to that we reproach the people who speak the words: Blessed are the Peacemakers…

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