Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Muslims face threats of violence, harassment in wake of Paris attacks

As we have all guessed, the nasty bigots who hate anything they don't fully understand have been out trying to confront their evil enemies, the Muslims. Of course many of us who do not hate Muslims will defend their right to practice their religion in the USA. Here is a bit from Yahoo News and a video.
-SJ Otto

As Friday's deadly terror attacks in Paris unfolded, Muslims around the world reacted in horror — and braced for threats, harassment and violence at home.
On Saturday night, a fire broke out at a mosque in Ontario. No one was in it at the time, and despite the fact that fire officials there ruled the blaze an act of arson, the president of the local Muslim association believes it was “clearly a hate crime.”
Earlier in the day, a mosque in St. Petersburg, Fla., reported it received a voicemail that threatened to "firebomb you and shoot whoever is there in the head."
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Protest at Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Rizwan Mosque, Portland, Oregon

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