Saturday, October 17, 2015

Oppose Medicaid murder by the Kochs, Republicans and Americans for Prosperity

By Otto
In a recent letter to the editor, of  The Wichita Eagle, "Punitive view," JOSEPH KUTTLER challenged a letter to The Wichita Eagle, Oct. 1, “Wrong solution,” by the Americans for Prosperity. The Americans for Prosperity (AFP) is nothing more than one of the Koch brothers (David and Charles) front groups. It is a fake "think tank" of people hired to create the impression that the Koch brothers are more than just the two people. They want it to look like a grass roots organization.
Kutter's letter is about expanding Medicaid and how the AFP opposes that as the "Wrong solution." Kutter, as many serious Kansans, favors expanding Medicaid.
What the AFP said was:

"The only ones engaging in “ideological obstinance and bullying” are those who claim that expanding Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act is needed to save Kansas hospitals (“Expansion helps hospitals,” Sept. 25 Eagle Editorial). A better diagnosis of the problem is that Obamacare – which hospitals fought for tooth and nail, mind you – is driving up the cost of health care for everyone involved.
Reams of evidence show Medicaid is both fiscally unsustainable and harmful to patients. Instead of an expansion of Medicaid, we need a system that is affordable for taxpayers and provides high-quality health care to those who’ve fallen on tough times."

What they really mean is 'Let's go back to doing nothing and just let the poor die.' The AFP letter actually said that "Medicaid is harmful to patients." If such statements weren't so mean-spirited it would be laughable.
There have been at least two letters in rebuttal, including Kutter's, to the AFP. There needs to be more. The Koch brothers are pushing their far right-wing ideology through their fake citizens groups, such as A of P. On the surface of it all it is really quite simple. The Kochs follow a 'pull yourself up by the bootstrap and if you can't —do us a favor and die' philosophy.
This is some of the most hateful and mean-spirited attitudes towards poor people this country has seen since the early 1900s and the era of "Social Darwinism"— that is the idea that poorer people are inferior and deserve to die. When they die out they clean out the gene pool. That kind of thinking seems to have returned to the USA, from the late 1800s, by the Republican Party and their rich backers, including the Kochs.
Amazingly, the idea of expanding Medicaid is not about giving health care to the idle poor. Those people are already eligible to get some forms of Medicaid.  No— we are talking about people who are working for minimum wage, people who—although they work—have no medical insurance, benefits and most will die early because they can not afford to go to see a doctor until it is too late. They have no way to pay for doctor visits or the medicines they need if they are sick. Just recently we have seen how pharmaceutical companies jack the price of their medicines as high as 1,000 percent or more. The working poor etch out a dreary existence living from paycheck to paycheck and they have NO benefits. They usually work either full-time or close. Some work more than one job to make ends meet and they still can't afford the high cost of medicine.
According to the Kochs and their ilk, these people do not deserve the simple right to live in decent health as most Americans do. Many will die way before their old age simply because they will only go to a doctor when there ailment is so bad they can no longer stand it. Usually if they have cancer or some other serious disease it will be way to late to save them. They will simply die early.
It is hard to believe that a civilized nation that claims to be the 'worlds police" can be so cold and inhuman. This country has taken on such nations as Democratic People's Republic of Korea (North) Korea and Syria, for their violations of human rights. But even in the DPR Korea they have health care for all.[1] They don't intentionally let their poor die from disease. That is way different from the US. In fact the US is the ONLY country in the fist world that lets its poor die without health care.
This is not just a case of bad policy by the Kochs and their Americans for Prosperity. This is out right murder. To entertain such debate, defending AFP policy, is rubbish. It is an outrage that the entire world should oppose and CONDEMN. It is despicable that anyone in the US would support letting our working poor die of disease.




[1] Even though the DPR Korea has problems providing health care presently, the government still has a policy of providing health care to all people. That is a major contrast to the US where health care is ONLY for those who can afford it. See: 

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