Sunday, September 20, 2015

Scott Walker may be through- Good riddance!

By Otto

Yahoo News has noticed that GOP favorite Scott Walker got little notice at the recent debate. He didn’t get to say much:

“Indeed, according to data from Google Trends, the third- and fourth-most-asked questions about Walker at one point during the debate were, "What happened to Scott Walker?" and "Where is Scott Walker?" Walker was the least mentioned candidate on Twitter. He lagged behind most other candidates on Facebook as well.”
And as well as doing poor in a badly needed debate night, he may eventually lose his corporate funding he needs to make a serious run for president. And to that I say “It couldn’t happen to a better candidate.”

Of all the candidates Walker has got to be among the worst. He is squarely in the pockets of the Koch brothers. He has carried out the same kind of reforms we have seen in Kansas from Governor Sam Brownback. He has successfully “knee capped” (as the Koch brothers like to say) all the public unions. He has attacked teacher’s tenure, not unlike Brownback who in Kansas has stripped teachers of any due process if they are fired as a result of any complaint by parents. In Kansas teachers are leaving the state in droves. They are probably leaving Wisconsin as well. And as in Kansas, even though Walker has deeply offended most public workers, he was re-elected by sheepish Republican followers.
Today, in both states and elsewhere, the trend is to get rid of benefits, seniority, healthcare and a livable wage. They seem to want workers they can fire at anytime. They don’t want workers to get comfortable on the job nor earn more than a beginner’s salary. When the workers gets a little older and starts to wear out they are to be thrown to the street and easily replaced with younger more eager ones. What I don’t understand at all — is why any working person would vote for such people.
Walkers message is not all that different from others in the GOP. But each time a truly evil and despicable politician goes down 'an angle gets its wings' (at least in my imagination). Most of the GOP are corporate stooges out to make life miserable for workers and poor people. The good thing about Donald Trump is that he acts like a buffoon and yet the established suites of the GOP look even worse for having set him up to win the nomination.
To Walker I say "Good riddance" and I seriously hope we have heard the last from him and anyone like him. I hope he gets so discouraged he goes home with his tail between his legs and learns to STAY HOME. We don't want him.

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