Friday, September 11, 2015

It's 9/11 or "Patriot Day" today as Prez. Obama declairedd

Today is "Patriot Day." That is the new name that Prez. Barack Obama came up with for this day, in 2009. That doesn't mean a lot has really changed. It comes with the usual flying half mast flags and moments of silence. Since the actual event the country has cooled off and half-way come to its senses. I sometimes work in schools and I'm starting to notice that middle school students don't find as much importance to this since they were born before it happened. We still have some troops in Afghanistan, even though that war is supposed to be over.
This was written for Otto's War Room, in 2009 for 9/11 (as it was known as that year):

"After the planes hit the twin towers of New York, on September 11, 2001, the country went through, shock, grief and then a negative reaction. Fascist politicians of all types came out from under their rocks to promote the worst America has to offer politically and militarily. We still fight an imperialist war in Afghanistan, despite continued losses of American lives (Not to mention the large number of Afghanistan dead.)
The obvious response to the Government response was to attack the fascist nature of our government’s reaction."

We did loose a lot of American lives that day. It was a tragedy.

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