Sunday, August 30, 2015

The Bernie Sanders campaign for president is spreading throughout the state of Kansas

by Otto
The Bernie Sanders campaign has spread throughout Kansas.
This Saturday Democrats met at the El Dorado Pizza Hut to discuss the Bernie Sanders campaign. The group was small, about 15 people. But they were enthusiastic about the Bernie campaign.
" This is our last chance to keep from becoming a corporate oligarchy," said Phil Creek, an activist from Andover, KS.
Members at the meeting said they have been in contact with people in Augusta and other parts of Sedgwick counties. 
"Trump garners the angry white guy voter," Creek said while the group was discussing the coming elections.
One action they spoke of was helping to run the tables at the Kansas State Fair, which takes place in mid September.
Other people at the meeting spoke of how hard it is for Democrats to get elected in that area. Members of the group said there are places where people can't even run as a Democrat and they discussed judges and other officials who changed parties so they could stay in office. There was also a secretary at the public school who was fired because her political views were not compatible with the other employees. That lead to a discussion of the new law stripping all protections for teacher's jobs.
The issues of gun control and abortion came up as two of the Republican's strongest issue in this state. There are some people who will vote only on those issues, especially abortion.

Creek said he thought the Democrats have gone too far to the right.

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