Friday, August 21, 2015

Taking action to defend women's reproductive rights

I (Otto) received the following notice from Julie Burkhart, Founder and CEO of Trust Women and South Wind Women's Center;

In states like Kansas and Oklahoma, abortion is not considered polite dinner conversation, but it's something we must talk about. In order to start these conversations, we just launched phase two of our canvass program to reach people at their homes and have honest, face-to-face conversations about abortion access and reproductive rights.

Please be a part of sparking 20,000 new conversations and building a robust response to the Physician Intimidation and Criminalization Act. You can help stop this ban before it spreads. Anti-choice organizations plan to propose and pass this law in as many states as they can. The 20 week ban, which began spreading in 2010, is now in place in 12 states, and has been proposed in an additional 16 states.

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