Friday, August 07, 2015

An update for Bernie Sanders for prez.

Another meeting for the Bernie Sanders campaign drew more than 30 people to help plan for actions in the Wichita area, last Wednesday night at the Peace and Social Justice Center.
Joan Gedraitis was appointed and approved by the group to coordinate future meetings. She has spent time in Lawrence and Kansas City and can contact people there.
One action discussed was to have a booth at the DemoFest coming up August 21 and 22. The group also discussed taking part in the Democrat's Table at the Kansas State Fair in September.
Some members of the group discussed getting pamphlets, buttons and shirts to advertize the Bernie campaign, from his campaign headquarters.
Several people discussed being socialist and what that really means in this country. Bernie has openly said he is a democratic socialist. There were a lot of democratic socialists present in the Bernie campaign group. People there also discussed  the difficulties a person has being a leftist of any kind here in Kansas where the politics are usually so conservative.
One member said the Bernie campaign will be positive and avoid being negative towards other candidates. I have found that negative ads work real well, but there has been a history of democrats refusing to be negative in their campaigns in this area.
Also discussed was taking part in the Democrats Caucus.

Jim Phillips said he thought that the caucus for Jesse Jackson was a good experience and he believes the Bernie campaign will have as positive an impact as the Jesse Jackson campaign was in past years.  -Otto

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