Sunday, July 26, 2015

Sedgwick County Commissioners legalize neglect

By Otto

The Sedgwick County Commission got slammed by the local newspaper The Wichita Eagle for putting a budget together that picks takes from the health and quality of life as they took funds away from organizations that have had adequate funding in the past.
Yes...we still have a county commission. It covers the entire county, including Wichita. Since all the cities in Sedgwick keep expending, the county commission covers less area and has less importance every year. On the bad side of it is that people keep electing the same mean-spirited poor-hating politicians that get elected for all the other branches of government in Kansas.
The commissioners have cut health and arts programs. They decided to let the Federal Government should pay for roads and bridges, even though they have condemned the Federal Government as a great evil. Now they are going let that evil government fix all the problems they don't want to mess with.
The Wichita Eagle reported the words of Commission Chairman Richard Ranzau who said;
"I would argue this county is at this time moving to the center. We're moving the country back towards the center, back to the core American Values."
Then he blamed "moving to the left," for obscuring American Values.
Ranzau has an active imagination. This county has NEVER MOVE LEFT in 30 years. The US political spectrum has lunged far to the right and that is the direction he and his chums are moving the county. They are moving towards neglect, hatred of the poor and the worship of an artless robotic mindless nation of autotrons, all lacking imagination as much as the far right politicians.
He also talked about "fiscal responsibility, individual freedom, property rights, individual responsibility, limited government." I wonder what he means by freedom—the freedom to neglect those in need?!?

Our County Commissioners Plan for the future—and what a vision they have?!—the freedom of neglect. Pix from

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