Thursday, July 09, 2015

Kansas Gov. Brownback is on the wrong side of gay marriage issue

By Otto

Conservatives across the country are trying to save face as the US Supreme Court has ruled in favor of gay marriage.
This ruling has been an obvious setback for Republicans and the religious right who have opposed any recognition of gay marriage or any other forms of gay rights. Most of congress's conservative Republicans have built up support from conservative churches by supporting their right to discriminate against what they see as "a sin." The Supreme Court has struck at the heart of the Republican Party platform.
As an example, Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback is taking steps to cover his tracks and prevent the affects of the Supreme Court decision.
The AP reported that Kansas' Governor (Brownback) told state government agencies Tuesday that they can't punish ministers or religious groups for opposing same-sex marriage, and critics said he is sanctioning discrimination even as the state extends new benefits to gay and lesbian couples. Brownback issued an executive order in response to last month's U.S. Supreme Court ruling. It is actually a mild action considering Kansas religious conservative's opposition to any form of gay rights.
Brownback has steadily opposed gay marriage on the grounds that Kansans have voted against it in past elections and he has claimed he is just upholding the will of the Kansas people.
But many of us have argued that the rights of minority people should not be put to a vote.[1] Such people are protected by the constitution. We don't vote on the rights of Afro-Americans and we shouldn't. Constitutional protection of minorities is not up to popular support. If it were most minority people would not have any rights. Minorities are often not popular with mainstream Americans and that is why such groups need protection in the first place.
Gay marriage is just one more example of cracks in the conservative Republican's armor. The Republicans have taken over US Congress, state houses and governorships throughout the country. Except for the presidency and the US Supreme Court, right-wing Republicans have locked up this country's political power and systems. Now they are starting to lose their own culture war. Marijuana laws are beginning to get relaxed due to public pressure and now they have lost their ability to discriminate against gays. Their power is not invincible after all.

The Times They Are A Changin' - Tracy Chapman

[1] See also A referendum is not the way to go when it comes to gay rights or minority issues, The Guardian, Iowa Senate Majority Leader On Gay Marriage: Minority Rights Should Not Be Put To Popular Vote, Think Progress.


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