Saturday, July 11, 2015

Debates on the 2 party system to be challenged

It is about time someone challenged the two party system. This is the system where the news media won't invite candidates to a debate if they are not Democrat or Republican. They also won't invite people who have not raised enough money "to be taken seriously as a candidate."

The Fair Debates project is SERIOUS about changing the game. Join us in the fight by contributing $10 (or more) today at 

We mean business! Check out the plan at Want to do more? Become a "fundraiser" by clicking on the link in the Fundly campaign - and go down in history as someone who helped take back our elections!

ps... if your friends don't know why the Presidential Debates have been an exclusive show for ONLY two parties, invite them to visit to learn more. Then ask them to join us in the fight for Fair Debates!

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