Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Fighting for flags over freedom of speech

With all the war, poverty and injustice in the world a group under the name Illwriteeit Teem has an entire web site dedicated to flag desecration and Eric Sheppard who has a "challenge" for people to step on the flag.
It is an entire web site with forums and a so called "wall of shame."

It claims to be "unbiased news," "truth" and "shame." However there is little unbiased of anything on this web page. 
Consider this so called "unbiased" piece:

"The #ericsheppardchallenge movement is going to start adding a new feature to their flag desecration, burning bibles.   While most people will just tally this up to general stupidity, there is a far more sinister plot behind this, and that’s the Death of US Soldiers in Middle Eastern countries. "

And there are threats to those who plan to step on a flag:

If you step on the flag, We'll step on you.

The real problem here is that this group needs to get a life. Flag burning is a non-issue. The flag is a symbol and symbol only. This group needs to find a real issue that will do some good in the world and stop trying to intimidate people who oppose our jingoist foreign policy.
In a related item, some anti-flag desecration thugs, many who are veterans, protested an individual at his home because he posted a picture on line of him standing on a flag. These fascist minded people were demanding that Zlatko Skuljan, who stood on the flag, be arrested and jailed.
"You can't just do this to the American flag," said Ron Brown, one of the protest organizers, according to Fox 17.
"The guy deserves to be in jail," Hope Mallett another protester said.
Of course they can't be arrested or jailed because flag desecration is perfectly legal freedom of speech. The protesters complained that people fought and died for that is too bad they didn't fight for freedom—such as freedom of speech. Those freedoms are much more valuable than a piece of cloth with some die on it.
Again these protesters need to get a life.

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