Thursday, June 11, 2015

Chris Burden- Performance art at Kirby's

I found out that Chris Burden, a performance artist died of cancer on May 10 of this year. He was one of the first performance artist I had read about. I have been performing art, at some local clubs in the last year.
Burden did a performance called Shoot, 1971, where he had someone shoot at him with a riffle. He also did Trans-Fixedon, 1974, where he had himself nailed to a car to be crucified.
I spoke about Burden at my performance art at Kirby's Beer Store, for open mic night.
He was one of my influences on performance art. 
My actual art:
My art consists of using props, poetry or other types of reading. I also like to use music or sound.
On stage I explained about my house picture, that electric wires, telephone poles, air conditioning units and lampposts that shine in my bedroom were part of all the crap our brains just shut out of our minds. We don't see that stuff when we look at a house.
So here are some of the poems I read that I haven't used before:

I do not like John McCain, as slammed as I am
I do not like him in a box,
'e pissed me off when I watched him in my sox,
I can't stand him here or there
I can't stand the stinking lousy bastard anywhere,
I can not stand him when I get sober,
I can not stand him when I get older,
I can't stand him when I'm spending welfare
I can't stand it that he really doesn't care,
I don't like him here or there,
He's an ass hole anywhere,
I do not like him as slammed as I am.

LSD - 1973
It was 1973
when I took LSD
Not much today around
'60s '70s it made all the sounds
'60s '70s acid test
'60s '70s acid rock
Drug influenced clothes
Drug influenced art
Drug influenced clothes
Drug influenced music
We need to bring it back
give a hit to everyone at the age of 18

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