Thursday, May 28, 2015

The clowns have gone hysterical: bolivarians, soviets, "democracy" and the great coalition

I must say that Spanish politics have suddenly become quite interesting, funny even, dangerous maybe. 

It was the ousted mayor of Valencia Rita Barberá who first proposed the great coalition (tories + labor, PP + PSOE) in order to keep the "radicals" of Podemos, the popular lists and other similar coalitions (Compromís in the case of Valencia) from reaching power and putting upside down the post-fascist constitutional status-quo, which at the age of 40 is already rather senile and not just menopausic. 

That would allow her to keep her seat, her mafia network and her infamously expensive purses. 

Now her party colleague, Esperanza Aguirre, alias Espe, former Minister of Culture under Aznar, mocked for her ignorance, former President of Madrid region who had to resign on a espionage scandal, former partner of Rita and others in the plundering of people's pockets with the Bankia affair, and former and also frustrated last-minute candidate by her oh-so-reactionary party to the post of Mayor of Madrid, capital of the Kingdom worldwide famous for its abhorrent fictional characters like Don Quijote, the naive romantic madman, and El Lazarillo, the pragmatical con-man, has proposed exactly the same. 

Well, oops, I blinked and she has changed her mind already: what she has now proposed is an even greater coalition including the popular list Ahora Madrid but without any of their programatic proposals. In other words: well, kids, we will welcome you to the world of the political mafia but you must renounce to everything. 

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