Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Kansas- Brownback not worried about $ shortfalls

The “what—me worry?” kid, AKA Governor Sam Brownback, has probably heard that Kansas is about to have to deal with looming revenue shortfalls. During the elections he said “the sun is shining in Kansas” and most commentators are implying that he has foolishly created this mess and ignored it at the same time.
The revenue shorts have risen to about $700 million. If Brownback does what he usually does, as he has done now for most of his four years in office, he will cut education and social services to the poor, disabled and elderly. Hiss wealthy buddies, such as the Koch Brothers, can rest assured he will not raise their taxes.
Brownback only won the election by 50 percent, with the rest of the votes split between Democratic challenger Paul Davis and a libertarian candidate Keen A. Umbehr. So far he has shown no sign he will be more cautious of his right-wing revolution. He seems in no mood to worry about the 50 percent of voters who voted against him. His only concern is his Tea Party backers who poured campaign money into his re-election.
As someone who presently works in the Wichita School System as a Substitute Teacher, I have seen firsthand the damage he has done to our schools—larger classes, shortages of equipment and supplies, teachers being fired and classes being cut. This generation is getting ripped off of having the decent education their parents had.
I have a friend who had to quit working and go on government disabilities' and he is terrified that he will have his income cut and he will end up in a homeless shelter. I would say that his fears are justified.
He is destroying our schools and possibly pushing poor people into homeless shelters and the worst part is he just doesn't seem to care.


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