Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Orman campaign shows support for independent candidates

Most independent candidates don’t have a snowballs chance of winning elections. But Greg Orman has money to spend on advertizing and that has made his campaign a game changer. The entire nation has noticed his campaign and if he wins it may stop or slow down the Republican’s push to take over the US Senate after this fall’s elections.
Republicans want to paint Orman as a Democrat hiding as an independent, but from his ads he may really be tired of the two parties. For many of us that make him a real attractive candidate. I am tired of the two-party shell game and tired of the ridiculous monopoly they have on the whole two-party system. In fact I strongly oppose the idea of a two party system. It is like declaring that a vehicle, no matter what kind, can only have four wheels.
A recent Gallup poll shows that 
58 percent of the American people are tired of just having two choices and they want a third choice. They feel the two parties we have are doing a terrible job. I agree completely with them. Not only do I feel we have a right to some real choices I think the Democratic Party which I used to support, years ago, no longer represents the people it has claimed to for years. It has tried to move to the right as the Republicans have lunged to the right and there is no longer any American left in today’s political spectrum.
I have no illusions that Orman will reopen the US left. I’m sure he plans to try and stay in the political center as most independent candidates have done. But as with Jesse Ventura, former Governor of Minnesota, and US Senator from Vermont, 
Bernie Sanders, this is one more opportunity to jettison the outdated, stale and just plain undemocratic two party system.
As for the established parties, Kansas Democrats are fighting the court system to not run a candidate in that senate race, for hopes that Orman will stop the Republicans from taking the senate. The Republicans, with their candidate Pat Roberts, 
have brought out the big guns, a parade of nationally known Republicans, such as Texas Governor Rick Perry, Sarah Palin and endorsements from former Florida Governor Jeb Bush. Polls are showing that Orman might actually win, with the race being too close to call.

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