Saturday, August 13, 2011

Does Wichita need 5 golf courses?


 Wichita Peace and Freedom Party Examiner

Once again the City of Wichita shows where their true color as the council schedules meetings with two public golf courses. According toThe Wichita Eagle, the city is considering closing one of its five courses.
The city has recently raised buss fairs after considering cutting Saturday buss service. The buss system is already ridiculously inadequate. The buss has limited access to the city as well as closing at 6p.m. Yet the city has five golf courses for rich folks to stand out on the greens and put golf balls around. All year long Wichita and other cities have cut funding for every type of aid to the poor. They cut buss service but keep golf courses open.
The is also the question of water use. Local citizens are asked to go easy on the watering of lawns in this time of drought and yet large amounts of water are used keeping of all these golf courses up.

At a time when sever drought has damaged the states agriculture, when services are being cut for poor people and buss service is made more expensive, maybe the city just doesn’t need golf courses. This city is big enough that corporate people can provide their own golf courses.

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