Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Kansas Legislature is killing Public Education

From Wichita Peace and Freedom Party Examiner;

We have more teachers, programs and personnel who will be axed from the Wichita School System budget to appease the Kansas Legislators as they take an ax to the state education budget. Other state schools will face similar cuts.
According to KWCH-TV, on Monday, the Wichita school board announced 168 cuts for next year, without saying how many teaching positions will go. Many cuts will be teachers, however others will be other staff positions such as coaches and custodians.
Other state schools will face budget cuts such as Hutchinson, with possibly more than ten positions lost. That school system has been able to meet the cuts through teacher attrition, retirement and by not renewing contracts non-tenured teachers. Salina and Independence are facing similar problems.
Kansas spends more money than most other states on Roads and Highways than it does on education, according to the Lawrence Journal World. It seems the state legislators don’t consider education of its future generations to be a high priority but roadways are very high on the list.

Why are they so worried about future generations dealing with a deficit budget when they won’t be educated enough to really understand it.
Kansas legislators are being short sited and just plain unfair to its school age youngsters. Drivers Ed, foreign language courses and some sports activities are due to be cut. Why is this state punishing an entire generation for its own mistakes? Cutting education to balance the state budget is just plain sick. We are destroying our future for a few numbers on the states accounting books. That is insane.

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