Friday, May 27, 2011

Jobs are down—Republicans hope it will get better in 10 years

When it comes to promoting jobs in Kasas, the Republican Party has kept its pledge of helping business with a better business climate, fewer regulations, better tax breaks, and they are hoping these businesses will hire people at some time in the future.
In the short run they are cutting public sector jobs to save tax money. They are reducing the tax base by causing more unemployment. But they have ignored that in order to please businesses.
According to The Wichita Eagle, The 2011 budget authorized 41,521 full-time-equivalent positions. That is 65 jobs less than the previous year.
Cuts made along the way, tally the final jobs number for the state this year, up at 41,147, which is a loss of 374 positions. The 2012 spending plan, beginning July 1, authorizes 39,184 positions, a loss of 1,963 from the current year. That is about a 5 percent reduction.
The cuts in education are causing a shortage of teaching and school staff positions. The Republicans brag that there will be more jobs as the economy expands. They seem to be in no hurry. It seems they want to replace most public sector jobs with private sector ones. They are also willing to wait several years for all this growth to finally bring in some jobs. The jobless can just wait it out. An estimate from The Wichita Eagle claims we still have 20,000 people in Sedgwick County without jobs. Prosperity is right around the corner. It’s a long corner.

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