Saturday, April 30, 2011

Kansas Republicans continue to attack abortion clinics


Kansas Legislators have passed some of the strictest bills since Roe v. Wade and it is all designed to block abortions from being performed in Wichita. The bill now goes on to the state governor.
According to The Wichita Eagle abortion clinics would be inspected at least twice a year. There have been no credible claims that abortion clinics are dirty, sloppy or unsafe. Some republicans have accused abortion clinics of “cutting corners” to save money, but no evidence of this has ever been presented. Pro-abortion rights groups have seen the new regulations a different way.
“(These bills are) designed to impose such strict regulations that most abortion providers in Kansas will find it a challenge to keep their doors open,” said Julie Burkhart, of Trust Women. “Here's a video that shows Representative Ritze talking about how unsafe abortion.”
Kansas Republicans are claiming that this bill is being passed because the health and safety of women is at stake."But the reality is that all of these Republicans got elected with the backing of anti-abortion churches and organizations.
It is very likely that this bill will not be the last. The present Republican controlled Kansas House and Senate will continue to pass more restrictions on abortion until it is completely impractical to get an abortion in Kansas. The assumption that the abortion providing clinics are unsanitary or unsafe is just a scare tactic and an insult to abortion providing doctors in Kansas.

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