Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Once again Wichita develops property in flood plains

Once again we see the negligence of the city planners and council members trying to clean up the damage. The Wichita Eagle reported that a city-imposed deadline for a plant to drain rainwater has passed without action. The subdivision was built in southeast Wichita.
The Maple Shade subdivision, just south of Harry on Webb Road. Originally city officials wanted a water diversion plan by Thanksgiving of 2010. That hasn’t happened yet. Developer Steve Miller and his engineers, Ruggles & Bohm have been given the task of diverting the water from this development. They are still working on a drainage plan.
Complaints have risen about cracked foundations caused by rainwater and the unsettling of the land. Once again, builders when in and built where ever they wanted and paid no attention to consequences, such as flooding. In Wichita this happens again and again. At least one person had to spend $80,000 to fix a flooding problem.
The city has not moved fast enough to fix a problem that is basically their fault. Wichita needs a better planning commission to prevent these problems in the future.
Wichita it notorious for letting developers build in flood plains and other places where houses will face natural problems over time. This is a disgrace.

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I do hope so that the government will take action on this. There should have a program that will make sure that flow of water won't get stagnant on a certain place. That could not affect the property as well as the folks.