Tuesday, February 22, 2011

"Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" fleeces Kansas


"Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" has come to Wichita Kansas. They are going to bestow a beautiful new home for WSU baseball player Carl Hall. As with any national TV show and its celebrities it is easy to get caught up in all of the glitz and national attention while not stopping to think about what a reality show really gets from a community…….FREE LABOUR.
While Carl Hall may a nice guy and deserving of a new house, this show his given free houses to people who could afford to replace their own. Extreme Makeover came in 2005 and built a new home for one that exploded for Kevin and Cathy Nutsch, from Derby. After getting all the free help it turned out they owned prime real estate downtown where they were planning to build the new stadium. Surely there were some actual needy people the show could have helped.
Then there the free materials and volunteers they use to put up these houses. According to The Wichita Eaglethere were about 2,800 people this Sunday alone, who volunteered, wearing blue T-shirts, which I’m sure had the show’s logo on it (free advertising).
It nice that the show does these wonderful things for people who need better homes, but why do they need to come to town and hustle our people for free labor and materials when they make so much money on TV with ads? With all the TV network makes can’t it afford to pay anyone?
This is just one more reality show run by people who know they can find people who want to be on TV and meet celebrities. All they need is a lot of speeches on “giving back to community” as an excuse as to why the volunteers did it without pay. The same old TV scam since reality shows started to flood the airwaves.


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I found it expensive for the renovation of the stadium but if it is way for the player could properly do their sports, I won't agree on this. I'm an athlete too. And I know the feeling of being an athlete and how eager we are to pursue our goal.

Anonymous said...

7 houses in 7 days?! The cheapskates at ABC, the production company, and the entire Home Makeover crew are nothing but a bunch of hypocrites! This "award winning show" gets EVERYTHING donated -- all building materials, all the food, all the home contents, and ALL the labor. What did ABC donate? NOTHING! What did the prima dona talents donate (ty, the snooty bimbo designers, et al) donate? NOTHING. The show even got a local church to donate the building lots! Ridiculous. Yeah, 7 families got 1200 sqft houses, but ONLY at the expense of volunteers and donations. ABC walks away with tens of millions and didn't donate a single thing! The whole arrangement stinks.