Thursday, December 23, 2010

Abortion demonstrations return to Wichita

Last Saturday was a blast from Wichita’s past as both anti and pro abortion picketers went to Mila Means office. As reported last week, by The Wichita Eagle, Means and Greg Linhardt have decided to start performing abortions here in Wichita.
The anti-abortionists, led by Operation Rescue; planned to picket there at 10 am. The website put up for Operation Rescue claimed;
“The protest and prayer vigil was conducted smoothly. A small group of pro-abortion counter protesters huddled on a corner and unsuccessfully attempted to cover a huge sign that read “Thou Shalt Not Kill” put up by Mark Gietzen of the Kansas Coalition for Life.”
Yet pro-abortion protesters said their group was not so small.
“We had about 35-40 people. Someone said they had maybe 50 people on the other side. It was hard to tell because people on both sides were standing together on the curb in front of the strip mall where the doctor’s office is located,” said Diane Wahto.
According to the Kansas National Organization of Women website;
“The Kansas National Organization for Women stand in support of Dr. Mila Means and Dr. Greg Lindhardt in their decision to provide Wichita women with abortion care…..
We are grateful for the courage of these two doctors. The fact is that providing abortion care is dangerous work.”
Those pro-choice(abortion) protesters on site had plenty to say.
It was a chance to confront those I believe with every fiber of my being are responsible for the cold blooded murder of Dr. Tiller. It was also a chance to show support for the heroic Dr's who are stepping up and offering women a legal medical procedure despite the thugs and their threats,” said Bonnie Moss-rodes.
Until these thugs are treated and seen for the domestic terrorists they are there will be more murders. Some moron tries to make a bomb out of his underwear and the whole nation is threatened, six doctors, two receptionists and a security guard are murdered, to say nothing of the bombs the arsons and the acid attacks by the dozens and all of these are individual incidents committed by lone wolves. What do we have to do to get people to see this for what it is? I for one have seen the results of two bombings first hand in San Diego and I have seen a good man laying in a coffin after a act of terrorism here in Wichita. I think for me the terrorism that claims to be pro-life is obviously more danger than another 9/11,” she added. .
Wichita has been plagued with countless demonstrations and anti-demonstrations for years as the so called “pro-life activist tried to shut down Dr. Tillers office. They will no start picketing this new effort to provide women with abortion services here in Wichita.
Protesters mingle outside of Dr. Mila Means office.
Photo: Kansas National Organization of Women

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