Monday, August 02, 2010

Yes SOMETIMES Moran is different from Tiahrt

From Wichita Peace and Freedom Party Examiner - Steve Otto

There isn’t much difference between Jerry Moran and Todd Tiahrt, the two Republican rival in tomorrow’s primary for the US Senate seat in Kansas. And yet there seems to be a lot of people planning to go to the polls and vote for Moran simply because they don’t like Tiahrt. To say they “don’t like him” is often putting it mildly. Some say Tiahrt is a slimy and corrupt politician. Is Moran really any better or does he just look nicer?
There are a few differences. The Wichita Eagle has found in their voting record.
Here are a few;
“* Jan. 10, 2007: HR 2, a bill to raise the minimum wage to $7.25 an hour over a two-year period. It passed 315-116. Tiahrt: No. Moran: Yes.”
Tiahrt’s salary is about $100,000 a year. Then he has perks, such as taking his family to Hawaii and Europe for a tax-paid vacation. Then there’s left over campaign contributions. The guy rakes in money hand over fist but he doesn’t believe the poorest workers deserve to make a living wage? Talk about a hypocrite. I wonder how many of his constituents want to work for such a small pittance when he makes so much?.
“* Nov. 4, 2009: HR 3639, a bill that moved up implementation of a bill regulating credit card companies. Supporters said consumers needed the protections because the bill gave too much power to credit card providers; opponents said banks would not be able to meet the schedule and that consumers would be hurt in the long run. It passed 331-92. Tiahrt: No. Moran: Yes.”
Credit cards have fed on unwary consumers like sharks on a blood fest. Tiahrt was among those who originally supported all the new bankruptcy rules and laws giving the credit cards more control over people’s lives. Despite outrageous practices and mistreatment of consumers, the credit card companies can count on Tiahrt’s support. Tiahrt is a credit to organized white collar crime.
To be fair, Tiahrt did vote progressively a few times when Moran didn’t. Just click here for the whole article. Maybe Moran isn’t really that much better than Tiahrt.