Sunday, July 18, 2010

Senate candidate Todd Tiahrt doesn’t believe in constitutional rights

From Wichita Peace and Freedom Party Examiner-Steve Otto

A new ad by Todd Tiahrt makes it clear he does not have any faith in the constitution of this country. He has his favourite lackey Gracia Burnham, a self-serving hypocrite who has profited by her own husbands death, and who wrote a book on it called In the Presence of My Enemies about her time as a captive by Moslem rebels in the Philippines. She is trying to save Tiahrt’s slimy campaign for the senate seat vacated by Sam Brownback. Tiahrt has so for failed to get the support of thinking Kansans and has a poor showing in the polls. .
Burnham and Tiahrt seem to agree that constitutional rights for foreign terrorist or unnecessary. So why have them for American serial killers? Are they any less dangerous than terrorists?
The whole idea seems to be those terrorists are not Americans therefore they are not as human as those who just happen to live or be born here in the US. This is plain old racism once again.
Why have a constitution and its protections if we don’t use it. Is it OK to put an innocent, wrongly convicted man or woman to death just to feel safe? If we believe in the constitution we should follow it and not just when it serves our needs.

Racism rears its ugly head.