Thursday, June 17, 2010

Brownback investigated by Congressional Ethics

As the primary elections grow closer, it appears we may lose Todd Tiahrt. But not to worry. I will simply change the name of this site a little and cover the other idiot politicians conservative people keep electing to miss-represent us.

Another Kansas Republican is under investigation for ethics violations. He may be running for governor of Kansas, but Senator Sam Brownback, Republican, is being investigated by the Office of Congressional Ethics for possibly receiving an improper gift in the form of below-market rent during his stay in the C-Street House.
The C-Street House is already a controversy in itself. It is infamous for being headquarters to an ultra-secret society of high powered politicians calling themselves “The Family”. C-Street recently made national news for its use of Congressional interns as servants and its relationship to admitted adulterers Senator John Ensign, Republican from Nevada and South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford, Republican.
According to the Associated Press;

The Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington - CREW for short - cites news reports that say House members and some senators have paid below-market rents to live in a house on C Street SE that is owned by a Christian prayer group known as the Fellowship. CREW wants the House and Senate ethics committees to determine whether the monthly rent, reported to be around $950, is below the market value. If so, CREW says, the discount could amount to an illegal gift.

Other Kansas politicians have also stayed there including Todd Tiahrt who gave examples of men who he believed understood the way power should be wielded, (Adolf ) Hitler, Pol Pot, Osama bin Laden and (VI)Lenin. Also Brownback has been called into question over his relationship with Lou Engle, a homophobic extremist who in 1999 applauded Uganda’s President Yowerie Museveni when he declared that Uganda’s homosexuals should be rounded up and imprisoned. Engle is the founder of TheCall and he is known for his antigay, sexual purity obsessed mass prayer rallies.
Once again we see the moral bankruptcy of the Republican Party and their hypocritical “family values.”

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