Sunday, May 23, 2010

Tiahrt and Moran argue polls, ignore substance

Once again The Wichita Eagle presents both Rep. Todd Tiahrt and Jerry Moran, arguing about polling.

Moran’s campaign released a poll last week showing him leading Tiahrt by 26 points. Tiahrt’s campaign responded that the poll wasn’t legitimate. “We have known from multiple reports that the Moran campaign has been conducting a push poll,”

They argue who is the most conservative and who is ahead in the polls, but we can be assured they will not argue anything of substance. Who gets the most money from Kock Industries? Where do their campaign contributions come from and who how much will they owe all of these people before they can spend any time worrying about their constituents? But don’t look for answers. Just expect a lot of meaningless commercials and the usual campaign rhetoric. Also there will be the usual “bandwagon,” “stacked deck” “just plain folks” and other obvious forms of propaganda.

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