Friday, March 19, 2010

Tiahrt and the Tea Baggers

Rep. Todd Tiahrt, as with many Kansas Republicans, is doing all he can to win over the Tea Bag movement.

According to The Wichita Eagle:

Posted on Sat, Feb. 20, 2010
Tea party event draws candidates, voters
Barry Cole is 30 years old and says he's never voted because he's never found a candidate in whom he could believe.
He came to Saturday's "Winter Rally 2010," sponsored by Kansans for Liberty, to try to change that, he said.
As supporters of the tea party milled about Century II's Exhibition Hall, Cole stood with some friends and took it all in.
Those running to fill Rep. Todd Tiahrt's seat in Congress set up booths inside Century II, hoping to sway voters to their side. Tiahrt, a Republican from Goddard, and Rep. Jerry Moran, a Republican from Hays, both of whom are vying for a seat in the Senate, made brief presentations during the event.”

Then there is Tiahrt’s role in the event:

”Tiahrt took the stage first and said he wants a "limited Constitutional form of government, and I'm willing to fight for it.”
He said government bailouts should end, leading a "no more bailouts" chant with the crowd.
"When you get a tax rebate, do you consider that a bailout?" he asked the crowd, answering, "No, that's you're own money."

What kind of people are in the Tea Party movement? Here some activist confront a protester with Parkinson’s disease.

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