Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Raj Goyle to run for Tiahrt’s old seat

Raj Goyle is running for the House seat that Todd Tiahrt will give up to run for senate. If we are lucky, Tiahrt will be voted out in the primary and maybe we will see the last of him. Tiahrt can always make money as a snake oil salesman. He’s a terrific liar and scam artist.
Goyle came to Wichita Saturday night for a fundraiser,
“I was told ‘You can promise not to take gifts, but you know you will,” Goyle said. “I haven’t. I am the only congressman that has not taken any gifts.”
If true, he is the exact opposite of Tiahrt. Tiahrt never met a gift or perk he didn’t like.
More than 50 people where there for a fund raiser.


BlueInKS said...

Can you clean up this post? Several lines are unclear and might be misleading. Were you trying to hide the fact that you were taking pictures at the event? You could have stepped forward and taken a better picture.

prosell1 said...

Rajeev Goyle is the true "snake oil salesman" ---

Goyle claims to have had something to do with new Kansas laws restricting the sick, anti-gay protests at the funerals for American heroes killed in combat.

The truth?
Rajeev Goyle is an ACLU attorney, and a left wing political hack, financed out of Washington DC!
The groups that back Goyle have actually supported sicko Fred Phelps, in COURT!

Snake oil salesman Rajeev Goyle claims that he will help fight terrorism.

The truth?
The left wing groups that Rajeev Goyle belongs to, and that he has worked for, in the past, have gone to court, frequently, defending the "rights" of terrorists!

As for your smears against the honest, hard working Todd Tiahrt?

Put up or shut up!

You do not have to agree with him, of course, but --- you have absolutely no evidence to back up any of your claims, against him.

By what you have already posted, on this blog, it is obvious that Todd Tiahrt has far more honesty, integrity and wisdom than you could ever hope for!

Salamander 奥托 said...

BlueInKS s The camera I used is new to me and I haven’t been able to get good photos yet. It is better than nothing. I was invited to this event at the last minute. I have gone over it as you suggested.

prosell1, this site has followed this man for several years and tracked his campaign finances, use of US tax dollars for his own personal gain and his corrupt practices over his reign in offices and the level of dishonesty and vote selling sickens me. I have followed many politicians and this one is about the worst. It if a fact, that this guy has no moral scruples and those facts speak for themselves. There is no excuse for this man’s conduct. He is atrocious.
As for Goyle, he is a lawyer and he has to defend people he may not agree with, especially if he is a member of the ACLU. I can tell you’re conservative and probably hate the ACLU, but that group has prevented this country from turning into a dictatorship. If you understand the legal system you would realize that lawyers for the accused are necessary for the system to work. If your as conservative as I guess you are, you just believe what you choose to, which is why you could possibly defend Tiahrt.

Here are some examples of what I’ve been talking about. That’s just a sample and not all of it.


My information often comes from the Wichita Eagle or State records on campaign finances. Take all the time you need to check my information out. It speaks for itself and I am amazed anyone can defend what this man has done with this office. The main purpose of this blog is to document the accusation I have made.