Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Tiahrt responds to the President--who's the dummy?

In his response to President Barrack Obama’s speech we see once again the blaitent ignorance Rep. Todd Tiahrt has for his attention to history.
From KSN News:

"Rep. Todd Tiahrt's Response:

"I appreciate President Obama’s desire to freeze discretionary spending—but he’s a year too late," said Tiahrt. "Discretionary spending went up by 57 percent last year—a historical all-time high. President Obama has spent more taxpayer dollars in his first year than any other president in the history of our nation. He has been a national spokesman for multi-billion dollar bailouts, lavish stimulus spending programs, enormous omnibus bills and hyper-inflated discretionary budgets.”

Obama was handed a record deficit handed to him by his predecessor President George Bush, upon taking office. Tiahrt has never cracked a history book, so he is unaware that his former Republicans, including Ronald Reagan have run huge debts to finance bloated military budgets. Of course Tiahrt doesn’t have time to check out the facts before he makes baseless accusations.

Another gaff by the idiot Tiahrt:

"We need bold leadership to cut spending throughout the budget not just around the edges. We do not need more spending programs patterned after other Democratic failures such as the healthcare takeover plan, cap and tax and a rumored second stimulus bill. These are the terrible ideas that are holding our economy back and keeping small businesses from expanding and creating new jobs.”

Again he doesn’t mention that President Bill Clinton balanced the budget and no Republican since Ronald Reagan has been able to do that. DUUU!!
Tiahrt goes on with the usual clap trap about stimulus spending. As usual, his final comments are just hollow blather with the delusion that he speaks for all of those who are unfortunate enough to live in his district:

"The president addressed numerous issues tonight. However, the Kansans I’ve talked with across the state have lost hope in the lofty speeches that are shallow on real solutions that will help create jobs and get people back to work. Washington needs to start paying attention to what hard-working Americans are going through and quickly put in place free-market principles to grow our economy from the ground up rather than the government down."

He rarely talks to the Kansans in Wichita. He knows better.

Yes, He's a wooden dummy!

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smmich said...

How could he talk to Kansans in Wichita. He's never there!