Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tiahrt struggles to get glory for jobs he didn’t get

Rep. Todd Tiahrt keeps trying to get a tanker deal, to bring jobs to Wichita. He’s trying to get elected as a senator this time around, so he needs all the credit he can take, even when he doesn’t deserve it. In a recent article in The Wichita Eagle, he spoke at a ribbon cutting ceremony:

“931st Air Refueling wing gets new maintenance complex


The Wichita Eagle

A renovated building complex, more people, funding and resources were reason enough to celebrate Sunday at McConnell Air Force Base.

U.S. Representative Todd Tiahrt helped commemorate the new 931st Air Refueling Group's maintenance complex during a ribbon-cutting Sunday afternoon.”

And in this time of economic downturn, when thousands look for work, how many jobs does the Eagle report this will bring:

“The new jobs include 130 full-time and more than 274 part-time positions.”

That’s not a whole lot, But Tiahrt needs to show some success for an office he has held for years, doing nothing for the working people and making a bundle of loot off of businesses he supports.

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