Wednesday, April 08, 2009

In Kansas- pro-life wing nut will try to fill Tiahrt’s representative seat

In a part of Kansas that has continued to re-elect the most right-wing and corrupt politician in Kansas, Todd Tiahrt, it is no surprise that this pro-military, pro-religious right Kook would try for this job.
Republican National Committeeman Mike Pompeo is the crackpot who will step up to the plate and try and take Tiahrt’s place. That shouldn’t be hard. There are the churches who vote for Tiahrt out of blind loyalty while he sells all his votes to the highest bidder. All Pompeo has to do is find a wealthy backer he can keep happy and the bribes (campaign contributions) keep rolling in. He has Tiahrt to learn that from.

For The Wichita Eagle story click here.

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