Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Tiahrt votes himself a raise

Rep. Todd Tiahrt has kept with his ideology of keeping Tiahrt in big money. He just recently voted to give himself a raise when he already makes a $174,000 salary. Many of his constituents have been laid off. Not only that, Tiahrt is well known for voting against the measly minimum wages increases congress has suggested over his long stint as representative.
In addition to his salary he has many generous perks from his job. He gets free health care and can take trips to Hawaii and Europe and take his family with him. It’s all on the taxpayers dime. He will surely oppose any health plan, similar to his own, for the benefit to his constituents. He also gets gifts from lobbyists.
Recently several editorials to The Wichita Eagle have supported Tiahrt’s raise vote. But to those of us with any common sense, the arguments are laughable. Tiahrt is laughing all the way to his bank – at our expense.

For more information see The Wichita Eagle article:Tiahrt not too scared to accept a pay raise

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