Sunday, January 11, 2009

Tiahrt supports deaths in Gaza

Ignoring the general population, in which polls show that as many as 60 percent of the public are unhappy with the latest Israel offensive, Rep. Todd Tiahrt has chosen to pacify his religious right constituency by supporting Israel. Unlike most of the citizens in his district, these people do what ever and believe what ever their ministers tell them, without question. This is one way Tiahrt keeps getting re-elected without ever having to explain his actions to his thinking constituency.

In The Wichita Eagle. Jan. 10, 2009:
Gathering supports Israel, Mideast peace
As violence continued in Gaza on Friday, Wichita-area religious and political leaders gathered at a local temple to express their support for Israel and to pray for peace.
"Civilians are suffering and dying in Gaza right now. There is no question that that is a terrible tragedy," said Rabbi Nissim Wernick of the Hebrew Congregation in Wichita.
"But the guilt lies not with Israel, but with leaders of Hamas and the silence of the world for the last several years."
The "United We Stand" rally at Temple Emanu-El was organized by the Mid-Kansas Jewish Federation as part of a national effort to have public events in support of Israel.…….
U.S. Rep. Todd Tiahrt, R-Goddard, attended the rally and also expressed support for the Israeli government.
"Israel has the responsibility to protect its citizens, and that's what it's doing in ongoing operations in Gaza," he said."

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It’s easy for Tiahrt to ignore hundreds of civilian deaths in order to get re-elected. He has no more of a conscience than his idol, George Bush, the lame-duck-failed president.
A child dies in Gaza

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