Saturday, November 22, 2008

Todd "Sleeze-Ball" Tiahrt for Senate?

Rep Todd Tiahrt has been misrepresenting the fourth district in US Congress since 1995. Since that time, his main activities have been to skirt and manipulate campaign finance laws, use every perk to the max that comes with his office, including taking trips to foreign countries with his family at the tax-payers expense. What has he done for Kansas? Nothing. He put all his bets on a tanker building deal for Cesna, and now the contract went to a french company that Tiahrt took money from, in the past.
Now he wants to mis-represent all of Kansas as a US Senator. According to the Lawrence Journal World:

"Tiahrt readies for race in Senate
By John Hanna - Associated Press Writer
November 22, 2008

Topeka — Rep. Todd Tiahrt is making "very serious" preparations to run for the Senate in 2010, something that could lead to an intense Republican primary contest between the state’s two most senior congressmen.
Tiahrt, who represents the 4th District of south-central Kansas, stopped just short of declaring his candidacy Friday in an Associated Press interview. But he said he has made numerous phone calls and is receiving plenty of support.
"I’m putting together a steering committee and, at the appropriate time, I’ll make an announcement about that," Tiahrt said. "I’m very serious about doing this."

For the rest of us, that is not good news. He relies on some zombie religious cults to keep voting him back into office and he never even debates his opponents. He claims to be religious, yet he has used to office to make a lot of money for himself at the taxpayer's expense. The better educated realize he is a sleezy con-man, but he keeps relying on social issues, such as abortion, to get the support he needs of the ignorant supporters of the Christian right.
He is one of the most corrupted politicians in Congress today, selling all his votes to the highest bidder. He ran his re-election campaign on his fight to get the tanker deal back in Wichita, but he has had nearly 10 years to procure that developement and he hasn't gotten it done. He probably won't. He has amassed a huge campaign chest with $millions left over from past campaigns.
If the Kansas Democrats can't find someone to defeat this sleezy pig, who simply wants a bigger traugh to stick his snout in, they should all quit and move out of Kansas. We need a party that can stop this sleez-ball if he starts to try this stunt. Once he gets in the senate, he'll stay there as he has done in the Fourth district, and make all Kansans look like fools.
Let's hope Tiahrt runs for the senate so we can expose this skammer for what he is.


bytedaily said...

The man loves his earmarks

Anonymous said...

One or two negative ads are fine but Tiahrt overdoes it. I want to know what he is going to do for my family and I and Kansas.

Anonymous said...

I have told the Tiahart campaign they have lost my vote.

His adds are classic, tear the party apart at all costs just so I can get my ass elected.

Not with my help.

Moran didn't win my vote.

Tiahart lost it.

Moran should thank Tiahart as there are many I know who are pissed. Didn't cost Jerry a damn dime.