Wednesday, October 29, 2008

What does the Idiot Tiahrt Stand for?

Win or loose, Rep. Todd Tiahrt clearly does not deserve to hold his office. He has:

  • Been selling his votes to the highest bidder.
    One of the worst record on the environment in Congress.

    A continuation of the same old war policy of Prez George Bush that has made a mockery of human rights and the cost has driven our economy into the ground.

  • Doesn’t care about health care.

  • Claims he is fighting to bring aircraft jobs to Wichita after he took $3,000 from Northrop Grumman during the 2008 election. He also supported Fiscal 2008 Department of Defense Authorization Bill HR 4986, PL 110-81, Section 804 which allowed the Secretary of Defense the ability to waive “Buy American” Provisions. Duuu Mr. Tiahrt!

  • Taking trips to Hawaii and Europe for him and his family and other perks, at the taxpayers expense.

  • Has opposed contraception efforts worldwide, even in countries with population problems, poverty and undernourished children.

  • Opposed needle exchange programs to combat AIDS, even though they have been proven effective and even trying to override the rights of Washington, DC to implement their own program.

He has fleeced the religious right.

No doubt about, it. this idiot needs to go. If he wins, we will try again and again until this shyster is finally run out of office. He could better spend his time as a snake oil salesman.

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