Sunday, October 12, 2008


WICHITA, Kans. – Esquire Magazine endorsed State Senator Donald Betts, Jr. for U.S. Congress in their November Election issue stating that “Tiahrt, knee-deep in Abramoff and Delay cash, deserves to be dumped for this sin alone. But let’s keep things positive. His opponent is as accomplished a state legislator as you’ll ever find,” according to the Betts campaign today.


Lisa Reiss

Campaign Manager and Press Secretary

Betts for Congress

1530 South Oliver, Suite 110

Wichita , KS 67218

(316) 312-7777 Office

(316) 683-4501 Fax

(316) 259-2292 Cell

"People Over Politics"

In the article in Ebony Magazine’s November issue about an Obama presidency and the difference it could make on the nation, Betts said “…He gives me inspiration...but, it’s not about Barack; he’s just the vessel.”

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