Friday, September 19, 2008

Tiahrt $pends money

Poor Todd Tiahrt – with all that money he took in for campaigning, he now has to put up yard signs to advertise for his rotton position as a graft mongering congressperson. He used last year’s signs, so he spent no money on design. I noticed a letter to the Wichita Eagle complaining that someone has stolen two of his signs. Who would do that? – Maybe someone who knows he will win again and can’t stand the thought of such a cretin winning his re-election so easily, when we taxpayers usually foot the bill for all his expenses. Win or lose, Donald Betts has at least forced this idiot to campaign and spend some of that loot he gets each election from Koch Industries.
Here is a great new motto for Tiahrt:

Money Talk$

Tiahrt li$ten$

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