Thursday, July 24, 2008

Will Tiahrt campaign or pocket his money

So far, I’ve seen few commercials or yard signs for either 4th district candidate Todd Tiahrt or his challenger Donald Betts. I was surprised to see that Betts has raised $81,412.20. Tiahrt has brought in $170,236.82. He has about $1,256,651.59. Members of the Democratic Party are just now starting to take in interest in Betts and treat him as a serious candidate. He is black and we know that at least some of the Tiahrt supporters are outright bigots, or at best figure all blacks are real liberal.
Betts has supposedly spent $41,209.72. Let’s hope he spends enough that Tiahrt has to spend some of his money campaigning. The more he spends the less he can keep for himself. Even if Betts can’t beat Tiahrt this time around, let’s force him to dig into his own war chest, so he doesn’t just make a small contribution to his party, and then pocket the rest. Pocketing excess campaign money and making money is Tiahrt’s main objective as a representative.
Thanks to Left Brain Kansas
for his campaign statistics.

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