Sunday, March 23, 2008

Patriotism or pork-barreling?

Apparently the Wall Street journal is asking whether Tiahrt is interested in patriotism or pork-barreling. The answer is painfully obvious. If Tiahrt had been on top of the situation and Boeing more flexible, this contract would have never been lost. On the other hand, it should be considered an act of treason to award a US military contract to a foreign country. We do need jobs in this country, especially under these times of recession. However, Tiahrt has shown little real interest in the workers of Kansas and way more about getting pork for the state to justify his dismal performance of representing this district.

According to The Wichita Eagle:

Patriotism or pork-barreling?
The Wall Street Journal made light of the fuss over EADS’ contract to build the U.S. Air Force’s tanker fleet in an editorial headlined “Patriot Tanker Games” and disparaged the calls “for ‘patriotism’ in defense procurement.”The editorial also warned about the consequences to Boeing if Congress starts a trade war with the European Union over the tanker. “


Ho Hum said...

Quite amazing. Despite all the military and defeince equipment bought by European countries down the years, suddenly when the US military orders from overseas, it's outrageous, offensive, unAmerican, etc, etc, etc.

Think of all those American jobs created and sustained by European and foreign purchases of everything from rifles to refuelling tankers, Lockheed Hercules, Huey choppers, missiles, etc, etc.

Is it any wonder that the rest of the world scratches its head at the totally self-defeating xenophobic behaviour of many in the US.

It's particularly disingenuous of you to attack Todd Tiahrt not because of his xenophobic mentality but just because you see it as pork-barrel politics. Your own characterisation of the order as "an act of treason" is the same pork-barrel attitude, just on a much bigger and much more worrying scale. At least Tiahrt has a political reason for lookng after the interests of his constituents, whereas you presumaby do it for no other reason than bigotry.

Salamander said...

1. Tiahrt is indeed xenephobic and I have said that in many other blogs I posted.

2. This country is loosing jobs to irresponsible countries that pay as little as $20 to build our TVs and other equipment. Out government has a responsibility to provide Ameridan workers with jobs.
If any thing, Tiahrt has tried to scape goat the French, claiming they can't really build these tankers when we know that they can. A nation that does not take care of its own workes is a sorry excuse for a nation. That's not xenophobia, it's survival and protection of the American working class, which Tiahrt has neglected. His xenophobia becomes obvious in his support of the war effort.
We're like a man who tears down his own home to build a security fence, even after there is nothing left to secure.

The Left Brain said...

Some Tiahrt banter you might enjoy.