Sunday, February 10, 2008

Tiahrt addressed the Republican convention

I think I fist learned about the caucus system from a Three Stooges Movie. The three were picked by some crooks to caucus for a crooked politician and the stooges come back to a motel room realizing “It’s a good thing we found out that guy was a crook and now we’re supporting the other guy.”
Politics haven’t changed much and I went to the Republican caucus this morning. Yes, I’m registered as a Republican because I originally wanted to spy on the party. They no longer send things to me, but I still haven’t changed my registration. That’s because the Democrats have jettisoned their support for the moderate left to win over middle class rednecks.
The worst part came when the introduced our own US Representative Todd Tiahrt. Listening to that man makes my skin crawl like a person who has a bad case of arachnophobia and is covered with spiders. He continued to spew that ridiculous crap that he gets from the Republican Party, as the man has never had an original idea in his life.
He still claims that the US worker needs to be more competitive in the new global market and as other Republicans have said, it all amounts to tax cuts, so the American worker can compete with wages abroad. Once again, I’d like to know how a US worker can survive on $2 an hour or a $20 a week salary, which are the type of wages we have to compete with?
Other idiotic ideas, from other speakers, included a bill to name a stretch of out highways system: the Operation Enduring Freedom Veterans Highway. According the idiots I listened to, “who could oppose that idea but a stupid Democrat.”
Tiahrt should now about that, he spends a lot of his time renaming buildings, roads after Republicans and replacing historical statues with more modern Republicans, who may have spent only a small portion of their time growing up here as opposed to an actual Kansas founding father.
I can still remember the three stooges, where Mo said “come on boys, lets caucus caucus caucus!”
Which sounded a lot more intelligent than all the clap trap I had to listen to at the Republican caucus. “As Ronald Reagan said” ….Applause! “Our country is still the best hope for the rest of the world.”….”Our president has kept us safe by sending troops to stop the war on terror while the Democrats have never done anything about it.”

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