Sunday, December 09, 2007

Tiahrt tries to argue for the war

Once again our misrepresentative in congress Todd Tiahrt tries to write intelligently in favor of Prez. George Bush’s unnecessary war.

From The Wichita Eagle:

There are few responsibilities required of Congress by the Constitution, but one of the most sacred is to "raise and support armies." It is the duty of Congress to ensure that those sacrificing for the cause of freedom have the resources to carry out the will of this nation. Brave men and women are fighting far from home and away from loved ones.”
Fighting for freedom? Who but the most brain dead Republican doesn’t realize this war is being fought for the benefit of oil companies and our ability to drive large gas guzzling vehicles?

“However, instead of providing them the funding they desperately need to keep them safe, the congressional Democrat leadership has decided to play a game of political chicken with President Bush. Although the security of all Americans is hurt by this "game," the true losers are our soldiers overseas and the loved ones they left behind.
The funding bill before Congress, requested more than 10 months ago, pays for the cost of operations in Afghanistan and Iraq and requirements associated with the global war on terror. This operations and maintenance funding would pay for such things as gasoline for the vehicles, body armor for our soldiers, and the transportation to the battlefield of mine-resistant armored protection vehicles, which save American lives against improvised explosive devices.”

Did he say gasoline? Aren’t our troops fighting in a country that sits on one of the largest pools of oil in the world? We should send them gasoline? We’re fighting for the interest of Halliburton to take and use the oil as they please. The troops are fighting for them. Why doesn’t Halliburton pay for the gas? They reap the rewards of this war.

Tiahrt: “But instead of keeping our soldiers safe, congressional politics is hurting morale at home and abroad. As Army Chief of Staff Gen. George Casey pointed out, "What's going on now sends a terrible signal to my soldiers and their families."

His soldiers? None of his family is serving over there.

Tiahrt- “Because Democrat leadership has refused to pass the funding bill, the Department of the Army has to take steps to plan for reduced operations at all Army bases. The Pentagon estimates that up to 200,000 employees, including many Kansans, may receive pink slips for Christmas. Army Secretary Pete Geren said that delayed war funds "will put a terrible burden on soldiers, on families, on institutional learning, our ability to train."

Bush’s record of cutting benefits to those who have served in Iraq are pale to anything the Democrats may be doing by withholding funds.

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